What is Geofencing? how does it work? And its benefits?

It’s past time for you to include geofencing in your company. It has been demonstrated to increase revenue, engagement, and customer loyalty.

Businesses utilize geofencing, a location-based service, to engage their audience by sending relevant messages to smartphone users who visit a pre-defined place or geographic area.

When consumers initiate a search in a certain geographic place, enter a mall, neighborhood, or business, smart companies send product offers or specific promotions to their cellphones.

Do you want to enhance your customer service? I’m sure you are, given that 90% of customer experience decision-makers feel that providing a positive customer experience is critical for growth. And, because consumers are big source of revenue for company, providing Creating geofencing campaigns can truly transform every facet of your business. high-quality service through geofencing is critical. If you’re involved in any type of digital marketing, you should take this seriously because it will assist you in attracting new clients and converting them into paying customers.

According to a study by Bain & Company, a little gain of 5% in client retention can result in a profit increase of 25% to 95%. These figures believe me, are worth paying attention to!

Knowing how to communicate with your potential leads in a more personalized manner would undoubtedly assist, especially since customer retention is so difficult.

According to a study conducted by Experian, tailored emails sent to customers had a significant impact on open rates, prompted opens, promotional click rates, and triggered click rates.

As a result, the sooner you begin reaching out to potential and loyal customers at the most appropriate time, with the appropriate product/service, the better the outcomes will be.

So, how do you go about doing it?

Simple: You’ll be shocked at the consistent results you’ll obtain if you use “geofencing” in your marketing approach. Creating geofencing campaigns has the potential to completely revolutionize your business.

The band received over 68K impressions with 469 actions, resulting in a.69 percent CTR at the end of the campaign. With the rewards program, they also gained brand exposure in a new market.

You may have heard of it, or you may be hearing it for the first time, and you’re probably wondering what it’s all about.

Let’s look at some definitions now that we’ve learned about geofencing and how it might help with customer care.

Geofencing is defined as “a technology that sets a virtual barrier around a real-world geographical area,” according to Techopedia.

“Virtual perimeter for real-world geographic area,” according to Wikipedia. It isn’t a difficult programming language or a difficult development tool.

Geofencing is a method of displaying relevant adverts to smartphone users by establishing a virtual perimeter or border around your business location and notifying users as soon as they enter it.

Geofencing, in other words, might be considered a mobile marketing optimization method. So far, you’ve been able to see the bright side of your business by utilizing mobile advertising that is geo-targeted to your customers.

People are constantly on the move, but they always have their cellphones with them, which they use to study products and services before purchasing them. According to the Office for National Statistics, mobile phones or smartphones account for 58 percent of internet use while on the go.

As a result, the decision to start constructing geofencing campaigns or ignore it is no longer a tough one. It’s a vital part of your marketing strategy right now.

What Is Geofencing and How Does It Work?

We’ve covered a lot of ground so far in terms of geofencing and what it can accomplish for your organization. Do you have any idea how it works?

It is, however, straightforward. By alerting you when a potential customer goes past your store, walks past a competitor’s store, or walks within a predetermined area, geofencing allows you to keep control over your business.

To make it work, you’ll need to plan out the places you wish to geofence using a mapping program like Google Map. In most circumstances, this zone will be circular or polygonal in shape.

You may then target your customers using their mobile phone’s GPS once your targeted region has been plotted out for geofencing.

Then, throughout the day, you can keep an eye on your geofence for possible prospects or customers who could be interested in your offer. It continues to track them until the parameter is violated – either they are attempting to enter or exit.

In reality, in order to achieve successful geofencing, you must also include specific consumer targeting and customized messages. It is ineffective to rely solely on technology.

Geofencing’s Advantages

The importance of utilizing geofencing cannot be overstated. Despite the fact that it is still a new practice, the rate of success has been tremendous.

According to a survey, customers enjoy receiving location-specific offers directly on their phones since they are relevant and interesting to them.

As a result, here are a few advantages you won’t want to overlook:

  1. i) It functions as an advertising portal: This is gained when you are alerted about the presence of potential customers near your store. Sending them new things, giving them freebies, and offering discounts will all encourage them to consider your store.
  2. ii) It targets your potential customers: Because social media is populated with a large number of consumers who are willing to read your messages and stick to your brand, it offers a greater marketing opportunity.

However, geofencing allows focus your campaign users who more likely to convert – particularly local consumers.

Interestingly, after seeing your commercials, these customers who will be delighted to stroll into your store and make purchase.

iii) It connects your offline and online businesses: For increased client involvement, use geofencing to alert pedestrians to look you up on social media. In reality, it acts as a portal to your social media and online accounts.

  1. iv) It gives you real-time data: Without a question, good marketing necessitates a back-and-forth between customers and marketers. It’s a lot easier and more successful with geofencing. Because it alerts you as soon as a customer enters your marketing zone, allowing you to appropriately prepare for their arrival at your store.
  2. v) It provides a service: With the high rate of mobile use and consumers’ high interest when they’re online, providing free WiFi at your restaurant, bar, or hospital will undoubtedly boost customer satisfaction. This can be accomplished by simply sending geofencing signals to passers-by, informing them of the free WiFi available at your location.
  3. vi) It protects your items: Because geofencing can track people’s locations, it may also be utilized to track your personnel and merchandise. You’ll be notified if an employee leaves his or her duty post or if a product is illegally removed using this technology.

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