How to Create a Functional Restaurant Website Design – Amazing UX Tips


If you are a restaurant business, building a website is one of the best decisions ever to improve your brand image and create a positive impact on your customers. Whether you want to attract new customers, earn more profit or promote your businesses on a wider scale, a restaurant website can help you fulfill all your goals.

When it comes to designing a restaurant website design, you need to keep a lot of factors in mind in order to create a flawless user experience. From aesthetically pleasing images to advanced features, great navigation, and a user-friendly layout, every aspect of your website should be of the highest quality.

Basically, the goal of building a restaurant website is to encourage customers to place orders. Restaurant owners are advised to hire a professional web development company in Dubai that focuses on the visual elements and functionality of your website design to make sure it runs smoothly.

Let’s explore how to create a functional restaurant website design and which features you should include in your restaurant website.

Important Features Your Restaurant Website Needs

Include Menu

It is the very first thing when visitors land on your restaurant website. Whether they want to browse all the food items your restaurant offers or want to directly place an order, you need to put your best efforts into creating a menu.

Try to make the menu available so that when visitors land on your website they can see the menu button. Make sure to make the order button visible in your menu to entice people to place an order. Don’t forget to add prices and pictures of food to encourage them to try out your restaurant. You can animation to the order button to grab the attention of your customers.

Reservation Option

Showing the reservation option is another important feature of your restaurant website that helps customers make an online reservation. Don’t forget to give customers an option to preorder the food items at the time of reserving the slot.

Opening Hours and Contact Details

When users visit a restaurant website, they definitely see the opening hours so that they can make their plan accordingly. Make sure to clearly display the opening hours on the website to enhance the user experience and avoid any inconvenience.

Similarly, add a phone number and physical address to your website so that customers can easily reach you and contact you immediately if they have any queries related to the menu. It is strongly advised to integrate a clickable Google map so that customers can easily view the location and interact in real-time.

Social Media Icons  

In this social media obsessed world, your brand needs to build a strong presence on social media. Therefore, you should create social media profiles on famous social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Add social media handles to your website so that your website visitors can turn into your brand followers and fans. It is also a great strategy to strengthen your social media strategy and build a loyal massive following on social media.

Social Proof

Today, consumers check reviews on Google before they try a product or service from a brand they don’t know. Adding social proof is a sensible approach to make people believe that you are offering great services and your customers are satisfied with the quality and taste of food.

You can take screenshots of reviews you receive on WhatsApp, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, or simply place links to those review sites. It encourages people to know what other people think about your restaurant, it might entice them to visit your restaurant or place an online order.

Focus on Beautiful Aesthetics

Believe it or not, visuals can make or break your website’s image. It is the first thing people see when they land on the website. Adding delicious photos of food is critically important for your restaurant website as it can persuade customers to try your food items and take a dining experience.

Offer Special Deals

Everyone loves to enjoy discounts and if you want to promote your restaurant business, you need to focus on creating special discounts and meal deals to encourage people to make the most out of those offers. Your web design team should display special promotions and discount deals on the homepage to attract more and more visitors and persuade them to try these deals.

Incorporate Videos

Today, video marketing has become a powerful strategy that many businesses are using to their advantage. Your restaurant business can also use the power of video marketing and attract customers to your food business. You can use video on the homepage to show how you maintain the quality and standard of food and how people enjoy their dining experience.

Integrating video into your website design is a worthwhile strategy that grasps the attention of visitors for longer and gives you better results.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

It’s no wonder that people use mobile devices to find a restaurant and search places that offer their favorite dishes. More and more people are searching restaurants on their phones, it is advised to optimize your restaurant website for mobile devices. Your web design team should design a menu, navigation and other visual elements for smaller screens to offer a great UX for mobile users.

Wrapping Up

A high-quality website design is a true depiction of your restaurant business. If your website is full of great visuals, easy navigation and other important design elements, it will definitely entice people to visit your restaurant and try your food. Your restaurant website design is the face of your restaurant business and plays a key role in creating a positive brand image. Therefore, your restaurant website should be captivating enough to attract potential customers and convince them to try your food.

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