Bakhoor vs. Room Spray Fragrance, which is lasting and better

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Bakhoor, also frequently known as a luxurious fragrance trace back to ancient times where it was used for multi purposes as it made up of various natural earth ingredients ad essential oils there is nothing wrong in claiming that it is an organic and most safe form of making your environment smell good. Free of all the chemicals. A black chip like box that when lightened fills your environment with beautiful scents. But just like perfumes there are countless other air fresheners and room sprays that make your surrounding smell good. Room sprays and bakhoor both have different properties although they both cater the users with same conveniences.

Whilst, bakhoor has been a staple household product for ages but recently it has been has made its way into the limelight as this generation is haunted with the idea of using organic products and minimizing the usage of artificially synthesized products. These days bakhoor is taking over the world and there are many firms that are selling bakhoor in Pakistan.

21st century is all about organic and natural products that are not harmful for human health. There has been a massive revolt in the strand of fragrances now this generation wants to incorporate vegan scents just like they prefer vegan foods over factory made and preserved food.

Although there are various room fresheners and they are induced with delicious scents that keep all the unpleasant musky smells at bay the fact that it is packed with chemicals that can be harmful for your health cannot be neglected. As you segregate the chemical composition of an air freshener you get to know that it is 100 percent packed with chemicals. Leaving nothing to human imagination apart of its captivating scents it has the ability of damaging lungs.

Bakhoor vs Room Spray Fragrance:

When we talk about bakhoor it is needless to say that it serves as an aroma therapeutic. Bakhoor is well known for curing medical conditions like insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression. The think that makes bakhoor better than any room spray is that the sole purpose of bakhoor is not just fragrance the list of its beneficial properties is endless the fact that it has been used in religious rituals by many religions for centuries and to this day it is being used in Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. It is made by socking in essential oil and there are different sorts of oil that are used as aroma therapeutics.

It’s being said that lighting a lavender bakhoor in your room as you are trying to study or doing any other task will help you to concentrate and assist your mind in having new and innovative ideas. It is light on your lungs and people who are suffering with asthma can always count on bakhoor as it does not by any means harm the lungs or makes it difficult for the athematic patients to breath.

Room spray come in cylindrical bottles which makes it easy to carry anywhere. While bakhoor comes with a burner and you need a lighter to burn it which to be honest it is quite a hustle to take the burner everywhere but as diverse as the range of bakhoor goes so does the methods and appliances to use it there are rechargeable portable burners that are user friendly and just like the bottle of room spray they can also be carried anywhere. You can put in your closest for a few minutes and consequently your clothes will have a beautiful smell with you putting the effort of spraying a perfume on yourself to smell good.

If you hosting a massive dinner at your lace and the cluster of people usually end up making the place smell mushy and musky you can always go for a bakhoor in the portable burner. That way not only your place will smell good but you can also avoid any mishap if there is a guest who is allergic to room spray and alcohol present in it.

Final thoughts:  

Since there is always a tussle between what to use bakhoor or room spray to make your room smell good my personal stance on this debate goes in the favor of bakhoor as it is not only a fragrance that make your environment smell good but also a therapeutic that will help you to conquer conditions like depression that is deadly to human health and life. These days there are many firms in Pakistan that are selling bakhoor Souk Galleria is one of them they have a diversity among bakhoor their bakhoor Al Oud Al Aswad is one of the rare fragrances that you can find in Pakistan. I personally have used their bakhoor and they have fragrances out of this world you can get you choice of bakhoor from their official website. They have a very convenient and reliable service. Also, once you start using bakhoor from Souk Galleria you yourself will also be more inclined towards using bakhoor rather than a room spray fragrance.

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