Psychological Triggers That Help to Attract Customers


Are you planning to start a repair business? But you are afraid of surviving in the competitive market.

Don’t worry. Maneuver strategically and stand tall. Some psychological triggers help you to win over the psyche of your customers.

Why is it necessary? Let us tell you! Emotions play an integral role in shaping the decisions of the customer. That is the reason it is very imperative to play with emotions while marketing your business.

You are running a repair shop with the help of repair shop software, your processes are streamlined, employees are doing fine, and you are struggling to get more customers. 

No doubt your POS software can do magic in connecting with your customers, but still, you have to deal with their psyche.

Here are some effective strategies you can apply to attract customers.

Word “FREE” captivates their mind

Yes, it is correct. Your customer comes to your shop for a repair. You start making a ticket and allow your customers to roam around in your shop. If they find the word “FREE” written anywhere in your shop, they will stop and will give it a read.

This is because free things will attract them. If your business is struggling, consider the following ideas for giving away freebies in exchange for customer loyalty.

Free goods can be anything from a complimentary item or service that might not otherwise offer to something completely off the wall.

The only limit when it comes to this marketing strategy is your imagination! Here are some examples of items and services that could be given away: pens, phone chargers, coffee samples, and restaurant gift cards. In addition, it will encourage return visits.  

You can also create bundle offers. For example, with a screen repair, offer them a free protector. 

You can also give them free accessories with any repair.

Spark curiosity among your customers

No doubt, social media has become a crucial part of marketing. For example, 62% of social media people say they have been persuaded to buy a product or service based on content from a brand they follow on social media.

But what about if you own a repair shop? As the owner of one such shop, you might be wondering how to get your customers’ attention when marketing your business online.

The answer is simple: use the curiosity factor! Here are some tips for using this strategy in your marketing efforts.

Use intriguing offers. People don’t like missing on exciting deals and offers. And if you want to get the best out of these deals, put a time limit on them. 

Promotions and offers that come with limited time frame spark urgency. And you can use this urgency to play with the minds of people.

For instance, you can give 20 or 30 % off on accessories for a limited time. It will intrigue your customers, and they will not miss out on an accessory they want to purchase. Of course, you can also use the same strategy for products.  

You can use your POS software to spread the word about your deals and promotions. In addition, you can set automated emails and SMS and conveniently notify your customers regarding the latest deals and promotions.

Pitch the relevant products

It is rightly said, hit the iron when it is hot. A customer came to your shop; he will approach the section of his desired product. It is the right time to pitch the relevant product to him.

Maybe he is already persuaded, and a little effort can convince him to make a purchase. So here comes your marketing skills.

The more your sales representative will be proactive, the more there is a chance of purchase. So train your employees to use this skill.

The same also goes in the case when they ask about any product. Persuasively give them details. Trust us, by using this skill; you can sell a product to your customers. Just be relevant while selling the products.

Your repair shop software can also help you with that. In addition, sales reports of your software give you insights regarding top-selling products.

You can use data to make decisions About which product you need to stock more in your inventory.

Tell them your brand story

As mentioned earlier, emotions play a very integral role in shaping the opinion of your customers.

You can use this strategy of brand storytelling. Emotionally tell your story to your customers and let them connect with you emotionally.

Brand storytelling helps your customers to know about your values and beliefs. With a solid and creative story, you can captivate their minds and can stay connected with them.  

Stay connected with your customers 

To keep playing with the minds of your customers, you need to stay there. A customer comes to your shop and purchases a thing or gets an accessory.

Just think about how you can turn that client into your loyal customer. Always remember that while pleasing your customer, even a little effort can go a long way.  

Send a thank-you note to customers via email or text messages. You can also send them something on their birthdays. You can also keep reminding them about the updates and news of 

your repair shops.

It will help you to stay in the thoughts of your customers.

Tip: while sending emails and text messages to your customers, go strategically. Send relevant information. Sending unnecessary text messages or emails can annoy your customers.

Final word

All these strategies help attract more customers. However, it would be best if you used them wisely. You must know exactly when is the right time to apply to your customers. Grow smartly! 

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