Guide To Design Sublime and Customized Macaron Boxes

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No doubt! All and sundry brands have desired to create perfect and enchanting macrons for their users with maintaining the quality. In industry, bakeries and macaron manufacturers want to provide the spellbind presentation to their products that win the top place in their customer’s hearts. They need to use ostentations packaging to pack their products. So, the use of custom macaron boxes is a sublime option that boosts up your products sales and customers engagement.

Why do Bakeries Need Macaron Boxes?

As similar to other industry products, you need to use esthetic and alluring macaron boxes for various reasons. Custom macaron packaging protects your product from dust and dirt factors. Apart from this, strong cardboard boxes protect your macaron from collusion and damaging effects. Plus, printed macaron boxes are best to communicate with your target audiences and explain the brand message. Now it’s time to check out what is the best choice for your macaron packaging.

Premade Vs. Custom Macaron boxes 

Well, if you really want to build your strong existence in the industry, then the premade boxes are the worst options for you. Premade box is a simple box that does not have any single brand information and custom size that brands need to pack their products. On the other hand, custom macaron boxes offer multiple fabrications choices according to your product demand and industry standards. Also, the customized boxes are more durable to protect your product from damage. Plus, you can print any information that you want to deliver to your customers on your boxes. Hence, the use of macaron boxes is mandatory for your brand to eventually boost your business.

Steps by Step Process to Designs Macaron Boxes 

Now it’s time to find the best steps that help you to design your perfect macaron boxes. Such steps contribute to design overwhelming and standout designs for your products that make your brands unique.

Finalize the Product Line and Quantity That You Serve 

The most initial step is to identify the product line for your brand. In this regard, you can identify what types of macaron you offer for your customers. Here are some flavors of macaron that you can add to your product line.

  • Lavender
  • Matcha
  • Coffee
  • Rose
  • Pistachio
  • Fruity pebbles
  • S’more
  • Lemon Meringue

Choose the Best Types of Packaging for your Macaron 

After choosing your product lines, now you need to finalize what type of packaging best to pack your macaron for their end-users. For this purpose, multiple options are used in the bakers to pack their bakeries. However, the most common ways are enlisting below that use to pack your fragile macrons.

  • PVC clear pouches
  • Plastic boxes
  • Calm shell boxes
  • Paper made bags
  • Cardboard made boxes
  • Tin packaging

So, finalize your macaron boxes’ best material and look that protect your products in an airtight environment. Also, which type you like to pack your product must be natural and eco-friendly.

Select Durable cardstock for your Macaron Boxes 

The durability of macaron packaging boxes is essential because it holds multiple macaron pieces in their box at one time. Although brands pack 3 and 4 pieces of macaron in one box and maximally, people pack 6 pieces and 12 pieces of macaron in one box. So, the protection of macarons became the biggest challenge; how brands can protect them from damage and securely ship at customers’ doors. On this subject, the use of cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and rigid. Apart from this, you can pick the various thickness of your macaron boxes according to your budget.

Cardboard provides a smooth and shiny look to your worthy macaron boxes. Also, it is a recyclable, reusable, repurpose able and cost-effective solution. Next to this, you can use Kraft material that is also an eco-friendly choice for your macaron boxes. And, rigid is perfect for making the best for macaron favor and gift package. If you want such valuable macaron boxes, you must visit the City Of Packaging, which offers premium quality macaron packaging.

Think Eco-friendly Solution during Design Macaron Packaging

When you plan the design of your macaron packaging, you need to consider the nature-friendly aspects. As we are familiar with, every brand and bakeries turn their head towards eco-friendly macaron packaging solutions that help clean our environment. For this purpose, you can use edible packaging, decomposable cardstock like Kraft, and bioplastic to pack this yummy macaron. Furthermore, the use of organic cloth bags for secondary packaging is also common in the industry to present the products in consumer’s hands at bakery counters.

Decide Perfect Size of Macaron Box to Follow the Rule of Space Saving 

The most cost-effective option is to choose the exact size of the box that fulfills the rule of space-saving packaging. The accurate size of macaron boxes prevents the resource from wasting and makes the packaging cost-effective. So, you can order custom sizes of macron boxes through online ways as per the required quantities that you provide for your end-user.

Pick Style that Provide Best Unboxing Experiences 



Don’t choose a tricky style to open, and it takes time because people find a time-saving solution. Add to this; you need to choose unique as well as easy to open macaron boxes to ship your products. Plus, you can use such sort of macaron cases to securely deliver your products to customer’s hands. To provide a smooth unboxing experience, you can utilize superlative styles that are enlisting below for you.

  • Cylindrical boxes
  • Hexagonal boxes
  • 2-piece boxes
  • Heart-shaped boxes
  • Drawer box
  • Flip-top boxes
  • The window die cut boxes
  • Triangle perforated macaron box with handle

All the above styles are easy to tackle by any person without any issue. Moreover, opening the perforated boxes is quite easy; you only need to pull the cardstock with dotted lines and consume your macaron boxes.

Apply Engrossing Designs That Fall your Customers in Love with your Brand 


The design of macaron boxes is also played a vital role in the growth of your business. By using loveliness and entrancing macaron boxes, you can drive more and more customers in love with your brand. On this subject, you can print major flavor graphics, colorful macaron illustrative, and funny mascots as per your brand logo on the printed macaron boxes. Furthermore, you can apply multi-color lines with different colors themes to your macaron boxes. Plus, the use of artistic designs on your macaron boxes is also a stunning idea to make them attractive.

Play with Colours to make them Dazzling Macaron Boxes 

The choice of enticing color combination plays a major role to heft up your sales. As we know, maximum people make their buying decision for products on behalf of colors. It shows how you need to be cautious while choosing the color for your printed macaroon box packaging. So, you can choose any desired color for custom macron boxes and order online from trustworthy packaging suppliers. Commonly, in the industry, brands choose the packaging colors from CYMK and PMS (Pantone Matching System) according to your choices.

However, CMYK constructs colors by mixing cyan, magenta, yellow and key black. On the other hand, PMS has a vast collection of colors shades, so you can choose easily. Also, if you want 2 PMS shades and 4 CMYK shades to create splendid macrons packaging, you can choose without any issue.

Use Meaningful Logo to Deliver Your Brand Message 

After choosing the color, it’s time to finalize the meaningful logo on your brand message. The logo is the chief element of packaging used on everything like advertisements, promotions, and product packaging to communicate your brand’s message to your clients. For this purpose, you can use any type of logo, but it must be unique to recognize your identity in the industry. Here is some type of logo form which you can easily choose your favorite one.

  • Monogram
  • Letter mark
  • Abstract
  • Pictorials
  • Combination
  • The emblem
  • Mascot

Pick Copyrighted Font Style and Sizes for your Brand Representation 

As similar to the logo, the font style that you used to print any text on the box must be quirky and registered with your names. You just need to pay an amount to design a fetching font style for you, and after copyrighted license, it’s yours, and you can easily use it on everything you provide in the industry. With style, your font size is also unique and registered. Moreover, you need different font sizes because you can never use the same font size for logo and printing security measures on the macaron packaging boxes.

Finalize the Printing information that you want to mention 

Wisely plan what information you need to show on your macaron box, and you want to deliver to your customers. A perfect custom printed macaron box has a brand name, logo, flavor name, MFG, expiry date, and price. So, design the place of all things where you mentioned and adjust for your customers.

Use of Add-on to Give Auspicious Look 

The use of add-ons works fabulously to increase the beauty of your product in the industry. Add to this; some add-on coatings protect your box printing from damaging. If you want to prevent your printing stuff, the aqueous coatings, UV coatings, and lamination is the best choice for you. But if you can want a specific part of the box prominent, then the application of the Spot UV pattern is best.

Also, if you like a shiny look to a whole macaron box, then glossy and shimmery coatings are surpassed choice. On the other hand, most bakeries want to give a matte look to your box then the use of waxy coatings is best for your box. Moreover, the use of embossing gives raised look to your box content, and debossing give a sunken view for your end-users. So, it is your choice want the view you want to provide to your macaron. You can also use foil stamping on your macaron boxes. Here are some colors of macaron boxes that you can use.

  • Soft pink
  • Gunmetal
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Turquoise
  • Rose gold
  • Rouge

Insertion of Establishment to Increase the Value of your Macaron 

You can increase the beauty of macaron boxes by adding ribbon, bottom, cards, glitter tapes, and hemp ropes. Such sort of macaron boxes is the preeminent way for your gift macaron boxes. Moreover, you can use beads, bunches, flower petals for your decorative macaron boxes.

Wrapping up Discussion 

So, the above information explains the steps that you can follow to construct up-to-the-mark and esthetic macaron boxes for your customers. To serve this purpose, you need to decide your product line, quantity, packaging’s cardstock, box sizes, styles, designs, colors, printing information, font style, font sizes, and logo for your custom macaron packaging. Add to this; you can use various types of add-on and embellishment options to give a distinctive look to your macaron boxes. After completing all steps, know you are ready to buy these boxes in bulk to serve your clients.


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