Food Management Will Win You Customers for Your Next Catering Event


Catering businesses are thriving. People like to celebrate and caterers ease out the workload for them. This allows the people to celebrate more often with less pressure.

What traditionally started off as a means to manage food for certain events only, has now penetrated into nearly every niche. Statistics clearly show a 20% increase in the past decade and it continues to rise as more and more people choose to enter this booming industry. That’s why we see all sorts and sizes of catering businesses around us, including options like wedding, corporate, birthday and even home catering Dubai. Nevertheless, managing the food, in any event, remains paramount.

Service Style

The service style is as important as the food itself. When hosting an event, decide the service style first. It includes buffet, tray pass, or plated options. Choosing the service style lays out the foundation for the seating and other arrangements too.

Buffet catering is more self-served, while tray pass is budget-friendly, and plated catering suits more weddings and charity events. Make sure that whatever style you choose will augment the quality of the event itself.

Set a Theme

Setting out the theme helps the caterers with a guiding point. From menu selection, venue selection, décor, arrangement, and event stage, it helps you win your goals and ensure that your event turns out to be a success.

These themes vary in nature and can amplify the event if incorporated. However, if there is no set theme in place, try to begin from the menu item and build the rest around that selection. Moreover, one can also do casual themes like barbeque for winters or a private event for the summers.

Spot things near one another so nothing has space to break. Utilize sound judgment: Don’t put sacks of squashed ice on top of the bread. Ensure all compartments of food are covered firmly so they will not spill on the off chance that you need to turn or stop your vehicle suddenly.Once you’ve been reached, it’s significant that you react speedily. Be ready to respond to every one of their inquiries, make ideas and for the most part handle yourself in a wonderful and expert way. Be ready: The main call will infrequently bring about a deal for various reasons. To start with, the client might be shopping a few food providers.

At the party

Whenever you’ve shown up at the occasion site, unload everything and sort out your administration region. You’ll need to show up a normal of 60 to an hour and a half ahead of time to ensure the food will be prepared and accessible at absolutely the perfectly time.

Begin warming or cooking anything that should be served hot. Ensure each plate that leaves the kitchen has been alluringly decorated and organized.

Make a pressing rundown

When the nourishment for an occasion is ready and all set, you’ll need to pack it alongside the serving dishes, utensils, materials and other vital hardware. To be certain you remember or lose anything, set up a pressing rundown.

A day or thereabouts before the occasion, plunk down with your menu. Rundown the hardware you’ll have to wrap up setting up each dish nearby and serve it. At the point when you’re done, twofold actually look at your figures, taking consideration to appropriately check numerous units of things, like when various dishes require a similar serving hardware. Remember incidental supplies, like mixed drink napkins, toothpicks, salt and pepper shakers, etc. In case you’re dealing with rental furnishings or blossoms, ensure these are either going to be conveyed to the occasion site or to your kitchen or will be accessible for you to get

With your finished pressing show, you can begin collecting the food and supplies. Pack the things you’ll require first on top so you don’t need to burrow through a few boxes to discover them.

Signature Dish

Signature items work pretty well for the caterers. When talking of food, the caterers can introduce a Signature dish that will act as their specialty. These are special in taste and become a calling card for the caterers to gain future prospects. Since most of their business comes through word-of-mouth, a delicious signature dish might be able to attract more customers for you.

Focus on Quality and Hygiene

If there is one thing that should not be taken for granted, it is quality. As a caterer, you should never compromise on your food quality and hygiene over anything else.

In the domain of food management, ensuring quality can be a huge task. It’s more than pulling together a menu that is delicious. As a caterer, you should be able to avoid cross-contamination that can happen from washing boards, utensils, or even gloves. Also, make sure that your knives are perfectly sharpened and help you to complete the work quickly. Moreover, food requires adequate temperature levels to cook. Undercooked or overcooked food can make guests uncomfortable and even unpleasant, this is something we avoid at all costs.

The Way Forward

Food holds utmost importance, regardless of the nature of the event. Ensuring that as a caterer, you are able to make delicious and warm food will win you their satisfaction. Most importantly, since caterers get the most customers via word-of-mouth, you will never know if your potential customer is a guest here. Winning them over will mean providing weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or even party catering services to them.

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