At $6,200, Is This 2004 Infiniti G35 A Dream Deal?


Nice Price or No Dice 2004 Infiniti G35

According to its insistent ALL CAPS ad, today’s Nice Price or No Dice G35 “runs like a dream or a bat out of hell if you want.” Let’s see if its price tag is equally as flexible.

When buying stuff at the big warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s Club you usually are stuck with comically large quantities suitable only for large families or individuals destined to appear on TV’s cautionary tale, Hoarders.

Yesterday’s two-pack of Buick Reattas (one a 1990 edition and the other an earlier car) was probably more than even the model’s biggest fan would need. Still, should anyone have both the space and the inclination, then the duo’s $3,500 asking price shouldn’t be considered an impediment. That, at least, was the opinion of the 72 percent of you that awarded the Buick bundle a Nice Price win.

Today we’re going back to looking at just one car at a time and I’ll bet that you’re just as relieved at the prospect as am I. This 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe is described by its present owner as being their dream car. Apparently, the seller has awakened from that dream and now has unexplainedly decided to pass the car on “BEFORE I MADE IT WHAT I WANT.” Yeah, the whole ad is in all-caps and that comes across as rather shouty.

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The car itself is somewhat interesting. The notes that the 260 horsepower V6 is backed by the rare and desirable six-speed manual and that the car is equipped with the Brembo brake option. There’s a short litany of maintenance and repair items listed in the ad, including what the seller says is a top-end service, although that seems to mean gaskets, plugs, and sensors and not anything much deeper.

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Per the ad, the car has 164,000 miles, a clean title, and a clean leather interior. Based on the pictures and description, it rolls on later 370Z wheels and has an aftermarket grille. Out back, the badging has been sort of removed, leaving a ghost reminder in the paint.

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If the car intrigues, but warrants more, the seller says that many performance parts can come with the car at the right price. There is also a set of 20-inch wheels that the ad says “MAY BE INCLUDED.” Undeniably included in the ad is a list of just about every make and model and keyword that should ensure the car shows up in almost every Craigslist search imaginable. I find this sequence particularly amusing: “*Freedom* *Golden* *Eagle* *Rocky* *Mountain* *Sahara* *Rubicon* *Tomb* *Raider*.

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The ad further advises that first comers will be first served and that neither “LOOKEY LOU’S” nor “TIRE KICKERS” will be entertained. Since we’re neither of those, we can now consider the seller’s $6,200 asking price.

What’s your take on this seemingly ALL-CAP-worthy G35 and that $6,200 price? Does that seem like a deal considering the stick shift and the Brembo brakes? Or, does that price mean all the ad’s shouting was for naught?

You decide!

Clarksville, Tennessee, Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Tony A. for the hookup!

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