5 Best Cattle Management Apps


Currently, technology is a more powerful force than any other. Human lives are becoming simpler, more fun, and less stressful as a result of technological advances in a variety of disciplines ranging from education to animal husbandry.

If you’re a cattle farm owner, it may be tough to farm or grow cattle effectively with a diverse collection of animals on your property. Ranchers don’t go about the fields carrying a pen and a piece of paper, collecting data and statistics on the animals they produce anymore. If you want to run a successful cow farm, you’ll have no choice but to abandon the old ways of doing things and start using the best cattle record-keeping app or software available. For the sake of staying current and competitive, the majority of livestock farmers have started to use cattle record-keeping programs.

We can confidently claim that a significant technological revolution is taking place in the realm of animal husbandry and beef quality assurance and that this transformation will be profound. Farmers can now keep track of their herds and their breeding records in a more efficient way thanks to technological advancements. The usage of this technology by cattle producers may help them enhance agricultural productivity while also monitoring the performance of their employees.

Animal tracking applications that assist you in keeping track of your cattle may help you prevent unnecessary losses and increase earnings across your whole organization.

The utilization of smartphones and the work of app developers have had a significant positive impact on the cattle ranching industry. There is a profusion of smartphone applications dedicated only to assist cattle producers in their daily operations.

Farmers may keep an eye on their herds with the help of the Cattle Manager application. This saves time and money by avoiding bulk of paperwork that would otherwise be associated with this long procedure. Individual cow information, as well as previously supplied information about the cows, may be entered into the software. The user will be notified whenever a key event happens, such as the animal’s injection date, is approaching. Because all of your data is stored in a single location, this tool allows you to maintain records efficiently and effectively.

Those looking for apps for animal breeding may find them in both the Apple App Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android-powered devices, respectively.


Farmbrite is a full farm and livestock management system in and of itself. To assist you in running a more lucrative and successful agricultural enterprise. The agricultural software we’ve built here is more than just a record-keeping system; it is a comprehensive solution. Everything you need to be more organized, keep better records, and manage your resources is included. You can monitor productivity, discover patterns, get important insights, and boost efficiency as well as profits with this software. Farmbite was created to assist you in managing a more successful, productive, and lucrative agricultural operation.


The Ranch Manager is in charge of the day-to-day running of the enterprise. Ranchr eliminates the need for you to carry around a pen and paper when it comes to keeping track of your animals by offering a mobile app as well as an online dashboard for your desktop computer. Always keep meticulous records of your cattle. Identity, family tree, and lineage should all be well documented. Everything from treatments to sales to the location of the animals should be meticulously documented. Basic accounting procedures such as keeping track of expenditures, revenue, and profit may be monitored, as well as the performance of individual animals and herds. To remain on top of things, keep a ranch calendar with as many notes as you need to keep track of everything. A customized livestock application allows you to keep track of animal-specific information. Cattle, goats, and llamas are all examples of animals that may be cared for by activating the modules that are required. You may control any combination of these creatures by simply turning on the components that you need.

My Cattle Manager

It is an excellent software for anybody interested in agriculture or dairy farming since it simplifies the record-keeping of cows, milk, and transactions. Using this software, dairy farms may be able to function more effectively. It is advantageous to use this product in the management of cows and their calves for a variety of reasons. There are various options for managing beef cattle using this technique. Cattle phases, such as calf, weaner, and heifer, may be tracked and altered with the use of the software, which will eventually lead to the cow stage. An app for monitoring cattle should have features that track bovine behaviors such as cow conception and pregnancy, castrations, weighing and spraying of calves, as well as the calves’ relationship to their moms and dads. Those livestock incidences are monitored by the computer, and a report is created once a predefined or desired length of time has passed. Using the application, dairy farm owners will be able to access information about the number of cattle belonging to a certain breed at any given time, as well as the option to easily add or remove breeds from their dairy farm operations.

Cattle Expert System

Poverty reduction and food self-sufficiency in developing nations are facilitated by the use of livestock-derived foods such as milk, meat, and other value-added goods. As a valuable source of organic manure, it improves soil fertility and boosts agricultural production, making it a worthwhile investment. Stock-driven draught animal power is beneficial in a variety of agricultural and transportation applications, including the reduction of fossil fuel use. In addition to cattle and buffalo management, it is also a smartphone application that focuses on buffalo and cattle feeding management, cattle and buffalo breeding management, as well as cattle and buffalo management, among other functions. Cow and buffalo production technology, cow and buffalo disease and control management, calves in cows and buffaloes, and all elements of cow and buffalo care and management, including cow and buffalo management, farm machinery, calves, and calves in calves.


A herd management system that assists herd managers in maintaining detailed records on everything from herd movement to the delivery of medicine to the drawing of draughts. The tool has the capability of creating files that may be loaded into books used by veterinarians, herders, and flock keepers, among other professionals. An individual or a group’s weight growth and reproduction data may also be tracked using this software. It connects to Allflex’s RS420 EID Reader through Bluetooth to gather data, and it does not need an internet connection to do this. This is required to install and update the application, as well as to email and export files from the program. Data from the CTS/BCMS may be transported to and from the data storage with relative ease.


The beef sector has a large amount of data available, and it may be difficult to pick which data to focus on and how to collect and compute it. Some of this may be accomplished with the aid of mobile applications, whether it’s keeping track of herd performance, comparing expenses, or calculating grass growth and fertilizer requirements.

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