4 Methods To Repair Quickbooks License Error After Clone ?


When a user clones it’s hard drive to another system, he/she experiences “QuickBooks License Error after Cloning”. It’s obvious that the copied hard disk already has the QB software in it. So, it will create issues leading to this error.

Here, we will be discussing this problem which is one of the most common post-cloning errors QuickBooks encounters. This post also contains detailed troubleshooting methods along with some preventive tips to avoid “QuickBooks License error after Cloning”.

Causes of QuickBooks License Error

QuickBooks needs license numbers as well as product codes in order to verify the installation. The license file also contains encrypted information about product registration. The main responsible factor behind QuickBooks license errors is when the license files are damaged or corrupt (Qbregistration.dat). Among other causes are:

  • Windows is not compatible with the system.
  • Before you import QuickBooks, you forgot to save the file.
  • Outdated Quickbooks. Antivirus blocks QuickBooks activities.
  • Damaged Windows MSXML also causes Quickbooks License Error After Clone

Important Things To Perform Prior To Resolving QB Licence Error After Clone

  • To verify that you can contact Support, ensure you have a valid product key.
  • Before moving QuickBooks from one computer into the next, it is a good idea to make a company files backup.
  • Run Quickbooks File Doctor to scan the files and repair the problem.
  • If you get an error when opening the company file after performing cloning, run QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • Always make sure you have the latest QuickBooks edition installed on both your systems.

4 Solutions for QB License Error After Clone

This error troubles users a lot as they can’t perform their important work on time. But with errors, there come solutions also. Below are some most effective solutions to the Quickbooks License Error After Clone that will eliminate the error completely.

Solution 1: Remove the Entitlement Data File

  • Firstly, close the QuickBooks program.
  • Ensure that QB processes running in background are stopped
    • Use Shift + Ctrl keys + Esc buttons.
    • It will show you “Task Manager”.
    • Now, tap on “Processes”.
    • Then look for “QuickBooks Processes”.
    • If it’s running, choose each process one at a time to remove it.
    • After selecting the process you wish to end, tap on “End Task”.
  • Access the entitlement folder on your system.
    • Firstly, open “Run”.
    • Go to the path-C : \ Program \ Intuit \ EntitlementClient \ v8
    • Hit “Enter”.
    • Choose the specific “ECML” file.
    • Right-tap on the file for deleting it.
    • Access QuickBooks and your company file as well.
    • In the end, register your application.

Solution 2: Register your QuickBooks License Again after Unregistering It

  • Close QuickBooks.
  • Verify that all QuickBooks-related processes have been closed. Follow these steps explained below:
    • Open “Task Manager”.
    • The “Processed” tab will show you the Exe process.
    • Select it, then tap on “End Task”.
  • Navigate to the entitlement folder within the system.
  • Right-tap on the same, then click “Delete”.
  • You will see a confirmation dialog box. Click “Yes”
  • When you open the company file, register the application.

Solution 3: Get the Latest Updates for Windows Operating System

We have discussed the reasons why the QuickBooks license error occurs by the corrupt Microsoft MSXML component or the outdated operating system. Windows updates are essential to ensure you have the most current and bug-free functionalities. They also remove general corruption in supporting components such as MSXML and.NET Framework. Follow these steps explained below to download the most recent Windows updates.

  • Firstly, tap on “Start”.
  • Then type “Windows Update”.
  • Click “System Update”.
  • Thereafter, hit “Check Updates”.
  • Tap “Install Updates” if updates are there.
  • After Windows has downloaded all updates, open and register Quickbooks once again.

Solution 4: Manually Fix the Quickbook License Error

If the above techniques did not offer a good helping hand, then it’s time to perform a manual update. Follow these steps:

  • To resolve licensing and registration problems, re-create the corrupt EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
  • With QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool, resolve MSXML, C++ pitfalls, and Microsoft.NET Framework.
  • To reinstall it, perform a clean installation.
  • In the end, run reboot.file. After that simply update QB the most recent version.

These are the steps through which you can quickly resolve the error. Even experts also recommend these methods to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are updates needed for every Windows user to repair the License Error After Clone?

Check for all kinds of windows updates because it sometimes creates issues. Also, make sure to check compatibility between Windows and QuickBooks. It is essential to update Windows to avoid any errors caused by the operating system.

Q2. Why is it important that you disable antivirus and firewall security when fixing QuickBooks License Error After Clone ?

This is crucial because antivirus and firewalls can often block QuickBooks from working. First, disable these security measures to prevent it from disrupting your work. It will also not create any problems or errors while you are working.

Q3. When the backup files are used after resolving the License Error After Clone?

Backup files can be used in the event of data loss, corruption, or damage. To obtain your data back, you will need to restore the backup files. However, you don’t have to restore all of your data. These types of cases are rare.

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